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Most Common Type of New Construction Homes

A move-in ready home built by the homebuilder to meet the needs of the average person. Spec homes are cost-effective ways to get a new home at a good price. Plus, since spec homes are designed to sell, they make excellent investments in case you need to move in the future.

When resources are available, it’s common practice for homebuilders to build move-in-ready homes on new lots. These homes, which are known in the home building industry as “speculative” (or spec for short) are built with the ‘average homebuyer’ in mind.

Spec home designs are accommodating and outfitted with selections that appeal to just about everyone, which is the whole point. If you know you want a new home, but aren’t interested in the process of customizing one from scratch, then you should look into buying a spec home.

The homebuyer selects an existing plan in their homebuilder’s inventory and customizes the look and feel of the interior and exterior.

From this list, the buy selects a floor plan that meets his or her expectations and fits their our family’s needs. Then, work with the home builder to customize the home’s selections, materials, and finishes.

If you have a clear vision for your new home but aren’t interested in spending the time and money needed to fully customize it, a semi-custom home might be perfect for you.

The homebuyer has near-total control of the home’s layout, look, and feel. Custom homes tend to take longer to build and are generally more expensive than pre-built homes, but the end result is a true expression of the homeowner’s style and priorities.

A custom home project is one where the buyer works directly with a homebuilder (and possibly your own architect) to design, plan, and select every single detail about the home’s construction, layout, and finish.  The buyer is responsible for selecting everything from the number of bedrooms to the color of the doorknobs.

Custom homes are great for buyers who enjoy a detail-oriented process and generally are not willing to compromise on their vision and ideas.

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"Do I need a Realtor if I'm buying New Construction?"

Answer: No. Most new construction sites will allow you to buy a home without agent representation. The homebuyer needs to know that the builder’s sales representative works for the Builder. It is wise to be represented by an agent.

 Below are just a few of the ways you can benefit by using me as your Realtor.

"Can't I buy the house for LESS if I don't use a Realtor?"

Answer:  No. Builder prices are fixed. In most cases you will pay the listed sales price regardless of you being represented by an agent or not. The agent’s commission has been factored into the list price. Builders have tight margins and they have no room for negotiated prices. So, the advertised price is the price you will pay regardless of agent representation. 


Confused about working with a builder? Don't visit a builder without being represented by a Realtor looking out for your interest. 😀

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